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Baidu bear pawn launched for some time. From Baidu’s search resource platform to open seminars in all parts of the country, and the number of tutorials and articles on the resource platform itself, Baidu has spared no effort in promoting the bear’s palm number, which is better than Baidu’s MIP.

Since I was abroad, it was troublesome to apply for various numbers. So although Baidu’s friends helped me open the bears’ authority in November of last year, it was only opened at the end of March this year to share a preliminary experience.

Baidu bear’s number for SEO benefits

The use of Baidu bears palms for website traffic, SEO what are the benefits, the official website of the bear paws has a very comprehensive explanation. To sum up briefly, I think the most noteworthy:

The rankings and traffic are tilted towards the website of the Bears. Baidu’s own statement is that 80% of Baidu’s search traffic will be directed to bears. This ratio is a bit high, and it may also depend on the popularity of the website. Undoubtedly, this is what SEO is most concerned about.
The effect is quite a good collection channel. There are resource submission interfaces on the background of the bear pawn, and API push technology is relatively simple to implement. The use effect is also quite good.
The page has special displays in the search results, such as the bear’s paw logo and the original logo.
The bearshoe number can retain users. Search users can focus on bear paw numbers, and webmasters can interact with fans later. This is a function that was previously not available in pure search. The imagination in the future is relatively large.
There are also other interests, such as original protection, business realization, etc. Interested parties can read the official website carefully.

Bears index and novice period

It is not necessary to mention how to register the bear pawn. It is easier and easier for domestic webmasters to register than me.

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