What is google seo?

What is google seo?

The optimization of Google (Google) is a “search result optimization” for the Google search engine. It refers to the planning of the website according to the ranking rules of the Google search engine and the design of the web page to ensure that the website meets the Google ranking rules from the content, structure, link and so on. It can get better results in the Google search results. The ranking enables more potential customers to find out quickly so as to maximize the effectiveness of online marketing. Google optimization is also the main development direction of SEO (search engine optimization). It follows the Google search engine algorithm and follows PAGERANK to do a good job of website adjustment.

what is google seo
The main work of Google search engine
The main work of Google optimization is to optimize the web page by understanding how Google can capture Internet pages, how to index and how to determine the ranking of the search results for a particular keyword, so as to improve the Google rankings, improve the site access, and ultimately improve the marketing of the web site. Technology that sells or publicize ability.
Google optimization is a technology that follows the Google scientific and comprehensive theoretical mechanism, planning and deploying the web site structure, web page language and the interactive diplomatic strategy between sites to explore the maximum potential of the web site, so that it has a strong competitive advantage in the natural ranking in the Google, thus promoting the enterprise. Online sales and strengthening of network brands play a role.

google seo

google seo
about google seo have another some methord. first we will do a website and write some article,and get enquiry.
So What will we need to do?
A browser with access to Google and Bing to seek out content.
Access to your raw weblogs to review content and user signals.
Google Analytics to review content and user signals.
Google Search Console to review content, links and user signals.
Bing Webmaster Tools to review content, links and user signals.
A link analysis tool to seem at internal and inward link knowledge.
A creeping and technical tool to review content and user signals.
A plagiarism tool to review content.
Let’s step through the various tools and situations to work out if you were hit by negative SEO or if it’s simply a blunder.

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